I have come back to San Jose with it I identify,

Leaving behind of fond remembrances a whole sky.

I bade farewell hesitantly to the previous location,

While the car wheels rotated slowly on separation.


I have come back to the Yellow Flowers valley

To find oblivion in the birds' song down my alley.

The spring rain drops it drops innumerable

Of love, of memories: where they go? unanswerable.


I have come back to conceal my particular pain;

Might it be... To let it go with the current am I fain?

Time will pass as swiftly as do wind and clouds,

Only myself will remain with life's ups and downs.


I have come back here at the end of my prime.

How much I miss him will be no more with time.

Evening purple clouds are attached to the hillside,

This lonely exile is into the decline of day to slide.


I am back; my solitary image the mirror closes.

Well, I blow a kiss to the past with thousand roses.

I am already back to San Jose now,

Entrust myriad love words to poetry Heavens endow.


Being alone in the evening sunlight here,

In San Jose, is it not the wind very cold my dear?


             Translation by THANH-THANH