donít leave me alone


Donít leave me alone
While the cold moon is shown
The pagodaís bell for the dead      

Slowly mingles with the Sutra said


Donít leave me forlorn
While the dusk rain is painfully borne

The bare birds with wet feather
To seek for warmth huddle together


Donít leave me forsaken
While the sky and earth are shaken

The jungles are writhing with hurricane

Autumn is biting as a bane            


Donít leave me desolate
And forcibly forbid me to state

Let me shout out loud my emotion
To mix with the vast ocean


Donít leave me solitary
In the night sea so scary
Worldly steps wobbler immerse
In the immense golden universe


Donít leave me deserted
As guardian angelís power not asserted

Timeís moaning groan grumpy
The path to the cemetery is bumpy


Donít leave me destitute
And have me hear the hammer brute
That drives the nails on the coffin lid
Mixing with prayers, farewell to bid.


Donít leave me isolated
As a ghost boat undifferentiated
The funeral wreaths will fade
Demons are still heartless to the shade


Donít leave me estranged
By insects snapped, torn, deranged
Wild grass covers the virginal grave
And storms uncertainly rave


Donít leave me outcast

Thousands of years from now on at last
Whose youth will not retrograde
Donít leave me betrayed


Translation by thanh-thanh