Here in prison, I miss you so much as tears stream;

Of holding you sleeping in my arms at night I dream.

Out there do you still ask for cakes in glee

As in the old days I had you present and close to me?


What kind of piping infiltrates the barbed wires!?

It sounds like some tumble outside there that fires?

How strongly I crave for a jot of past yeast

With my young child beside the glass of wine to feast…


My offense is too grave, due sentence of death!?

They have so incriminated me, but I save my breath.

Tomorrow when the weather is agreeable, join me

To reach out until there about my crime to query.


Today, on New Year’s Day, in prison I miss you.

Well, out there does Spring bring anything new?

Is there any gleam of light, distinct flash of fire

To burn down all the cages for the birds in ire?


How much I miss you, cherished child in my clyde

Wearing wrong feet sandals whom I always chide.

On this side they put things from the left to the right

And the truth they claim as theirs is the same bite.


Translation by THANH-THANH