This night is as long as many centuries!

The Seine River's sluggish in the starlight.

The Alma Bridge reminds of the Lady's fate:

Not long ago young Diana died that night.


The Paris Metro is a hundred years old

Under the riverbed to defy nature's law.

The impressive Alps constitute two regions,

But nearer the two areas tunnels do draw.


There is the cold sea to separate two parts,

France and England each was a lone mass.

Old communications were only by ships,

Now there's a way thru the Channel to pass.


There are airplanes to travel peacefully

Over wide oceans, around our vast globe;

Spacecraft to explore the cosmic expanses;

And genetics into genes' structure to probe.


Since humans have come closer in ties,

Shall they love, or fight one another more?

Shall countries, once less differentiated,

Live in peace and cooperation, or at war?


Sublime is amity; but wicked is hatred:

Why nurture, cherish it deep in your mind?

Care more for the others! People's wish

Is harmony; while rancor is a selfish kind!


Let us fathom our innermost with altruism,

Using friendship to abolish each strife.

Be this not a mere eternal dreamy vision

But humanity's need to live a worthy life!


In good faith our hearts are full of hope.

May the miraculous nimbus man's soul light.

The apt way is so ablaze, let us not stray.

With human feelings all are imbued alright!


Translation by THANH-THANH