There still are many a thing

Science has not found the source.

Spirits: fairies? fiends? whoís the "King"

To solely decide all lifeís course?


When one feels distress and despair

Caused by failure, defeat and loss,

Being too absurd, senseless and unfair,

One would reproach that unjust "Boss".


And when one finds things sublime

Already made ready by Mother Nature,

One would imagine in prime time

A supreme power as the "Creator".


Well, I would believe in "God",

Not the Disputed, but the True,

For "He" now is really odd

Just because of mere humansí view.


It might be "God" inspired Man,

But only through some pious believers

With vague knowledge within a span,

To reveal Truth, with some levers.


Those upstarts added their own ideas,

Claimed their guesses to be divine.

They made themselves forever seers,

Forbade new prophets to dare interline.


That is why disagreement has arisen

Among his church and her congregation.

The Bible included details ill given

Life has proved to be fabrication.


Manís existence is six-thousand-year?

Only Mosesí lineage chosen to survive?

Who tempts lions to devour deer?

Satan still rules despite Jesusí life?


All religions teach: humans be humane!

Why not accept all good teachers?

Why monopolize throne for exclusive reign?

Why tolerate, reward, not punish "breachers"?


Gautama let disciples trust or doubt;

Confucius and Lao-tzu kept mutual respect.

Only the unsteady fear being out;

True, Good, Beautiful always take effect.


Religion is grooves but not moves;

Peace and Humanity is to enhance.

Better care about how Man improves

Than blindly depend on mythical chance.