Titanic... Titanic! There was... once upon a time,

On the fateful sea journey in its very prime,

The ship, carrying two thousand souls and above,

Sank deep into the sea together with her eternal love.


The story is old, thought that people no longer extol,

But casually today it returns to me like a surging roll.

My tears overflow despite too long ago for it to derive

Reappearing just like in the time they were still alive.


Oh, unexpectedly but really moving, you, so smart,

Embarked with, as all luggage, one youthful heart.

Fortunately we did not need to seek in any distance;

Amidst clouds and water, you and I: an ideal existence.


I turned down the ready-to-enjoy richness right away;

Why to compute, contrive while entering the play?

Together with you I sang and danced fabulously by far,

In defiance of any restraint, obstacle, danger, bar.


Acting as a model I marvelously performed nude,

Recording the setting and time for our future brood.

Depict! Leisurely, no worry about time, be the gainer,

Oh my dear, paint on, my beloved talented painter!...


And then suddenly to the ship happened the infliction:

Against an iceberg, it broke into two by the friction.

So many souls were panic-stricken, alarmed, in scare;

The more they cried out the more they fell in despair.


You and me, we had always been held together tight,

Always struggling, all the time expressing our plight.

How many lives could those few rescue boats save?

Children, women, all folks choked in sore and rave.


Well, comes the rule: Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.

It is fundamental for everyone not only for us the must.

We stretched our arms in the wind but could not fly far;

Then, fens we couldn't help dying without lodestar.


After that, I was finally from the sea fished out

Together with the agony you were nowhere about!

I dreamily recollect our time being side by side;

Our valued love all the world has encouragingly eyed.


Rather only one minute of glory then the tumble  

Than, isn't it so, honey, a lifetime of fumble, humble?  

Now in the four directions the sea water is still blue,

And I will continue to miss my sweet the ever true.


Translation by THANH-THANH