What are you? Why do you lie there,

Exposed to sun and winds at this dumping ground?”

Only by getting close I could see your face:

Oh! “brother car” for your power once renowned!


You luxuriated in so brilliant a period:

How imposing, ostentatious, inspiring!

Inside, outside, upside, downside ‒ all lustrous ‒

And at a time a fast-running champion so striking.


How affectionate your name was even just heard!

Either Toyota, Honda, GM,

Or Mercedes, BMW, Lexus,

All that are cherished in many hearts’ realm.


But now you are lying still in one place

Like a patient waiting operations to endure,

Having each of your parts disassembled;

Then, where your incarnation will reach for sure?


Brother car! Is still there enough room

To let me lie beside you?

A dump for cars or a graveyard for humans

Is the same, forever desolate and blue.


Brother car! My soul feels sad,

Because I am going to share your fate in hell.

Both of us did enjoy a past masters of highways,

And now it is time to such a life to bid farewell.


Translation by THANH-THANH