only I MYSELF know it


Only I myself know why
That moon is now full, now crescent in the sky;
The days we are separate not seeing each other's face

It must be divided into two to appear in either place.


Only I myself know the ground
For pleasure in the hide-and-seek to be found;
Tree leaves turn yellow in autumn desolate
To fall by the veranda lonely in an unfortunate fate.


And I myself sit down to write poetry
For whom I dare not disclose although supposedly;
Hiding it deep in my heart to agonize;
Love never ages and dies.


Time will carry far away
Whatever we cannot continue to keep with us to stay.

There will still remain in the past
An wait only on my side that will forever last.


Why each day seems longer to get?

Only I myself know it you bet...


Translation by THANH-THANH