I love and that is what I only know.

How to measure up the way we go?

In the green years innocence was on throne;

Today dreams see the sides moss-grown.


In spite of human daily life being hard,

There still is here a loyal heart to guard.

Although one cannot mention to reunite:

That is upon my sentiments more to smite.


my moonlit boudoir came a crane sound,

I looked towards but saw nihility around.

Under the bridge water continues to flow,

My expected love to anxiously uneasy grow.


Many a time my pointless missing in mind

Was a rain my dry forlorn hedge could find,

Or a fresh wind bringing echoes of a flute:

It is myself before two ways, which route?


My side-whiskers to be fondled do deem,

But who is on the roadside to vainly dream?

Anybody helps me compose my rhyme

To nurse ripe my love to await next lifetime.


Loving and implicitly to be loved desiring,

Oh this baby bird, sing with me inspiring.

Let us sing: on top of the sad winter above

There still is one to miss, long for her love.


Translation by THANH-THANH