On that old day How could it be neglected?

The scientist Bruno went on to the pyre

As if he was taking a stroll, unaffected;

He re-affirmed to the frenzied abusers of fire:

“The Earth is round, in that Truth I trust

Although my body has to turn into dust!”


The fanatics determined the earth was square

As from their gods and saints they had learned;

Whoever came to say to the contrary to dare

Was consequently ordered to be alive burned!


Man’s intellect develops as life evolves;

The most revered halo he has come to gain:

By flying to the moon he now firmly resolves

The roundness of our Earth like a ball to reign

In the azure universe forever to remain.


Even the 20th century has ended its dominion,

There still are the furious with their choler,

To put labels on others for a different opinion;

Promote hatred; spread misfortune and dolor!


And the idiots about literature to talk hot air;

The fool, insane to fluctuate history’s fate;

The ignorant to dream of a leader’s chair;

All to sully and drown the pillars of the State!


Bruno’s Truth is the very Truth of the Sage,

The Sparkle of Fire, the Pride of Pure Fame,

Whereas today’s vulgar people disparage,

Misrepresent the Good as Bad What shame!


Translation by THANH-THANH