My children while still only three or five years old

Thought the adults as them to be the same mould,

So they had many times to stumble or fall

Leaving Ma’s armpit or Pa’s hands too soon in all.


My children got gradually grown and sagacious

However, I felt they were still childish and fallacious,

For myself was still with disadvantage & defeat rife

Much less my kids who had just toddled into life.


My generation was born in an adverse time:

Ruined, because disasters & calamities begrime;

Nothing to promise, guarantee a perspective, goal:

My children truly were their Dad’s gnawing dole.


Now… suddenly in deep night I squealed in scare,

Seeing them going to be harmed… in a nightmare!

I woke up, almost laughed, but tears flowed out:

There is something miracles in our heart sprout!


My children have already turned daddy mummy,

And have also become grandparents, so chummy;

But, within me they still are at the babyish stage

Like at the time they were three or five years of age


English version by THANH-THANH