My sadness is immense
as the universe infinite


The clear blue lake reflected the love grove; 
Away the snow-evading swans humans drove. 

Defoliant sprayed on grass, why to cause hate? 

Where to fly the birds predetermined to migrate? 


Where to hide the misfortune that great grew 

As I had been foolish enough to rush to see you 

So that I became unexpectedly the ugly stranger 

After an abyss filled with distrust and danger


And that I turned suddenly into a solitary guy 

With tired wings down to vicissitudes to tie.

Love did exist but now considered indefinite;

My sadness is immense as the universe infinite. 


The surface of the lake mirrors a new bloom; 

Even not looking back I do eternally gloom. 
Thank you for the blissful days of emotion, 

For not to feign affection or pretend devotion. 

The red-crested songbird twittering its carol 

Sounds like duns to have me over a barrel. 

You are there but your life you did waive; 

I am here but under some grass-covered grave. 

              Translation by THANH-THANH