Your bent back made your shadow so round;

You cried when seeing me off, spirit so downed.

I was not mountains to cross, jungles to go thru,

So hard that I could not come back to visit you!


I deplored you, Dad being lonely, simple, sincere,

So heart-whole that I felt repenting in tears blear.

But, alas, after that farewell, not yet less sad,

I had to return, heart-broken to mourn for Dad!


Staggering home, on slanting shadow, in tears sea:

From now on, death has separated Dad from me!

From this day forth, I have no more the father dear

Who will for this young care, up this child cheer!


No more for any kid to stick to you along behind

For against-Chinese, anti-French tales you remind.

Hence, into toil and moil I have to myself bring.

Who will lovingly educate me into a good thing?  


Oh Dad! I am calling you, Dear Dad, Dad mine!  

So long I have wept the tears are still salted, brine.


Translation by THANH-THANH