Darling! Listen to the sentence I am returning.   

I am armed with a special weapon: love burning.

I will capture you, forever in my heart confine you,

Chain you, indulge with honeyed words you're due.


Do not expect any time ever to break out of jail.

Miss-you cages will imprison you, without bail.

Thousands of longing-for-you threads I will set

To recapture you, impound you in my casting-net.       


Do not dream of a day your judgment will expire.

Your type is life imprisonment, the most dire. 

You must suffer penal servitude in affection,

Be closely confined in ardent love as correction.


The only light in your prison is the sun of passion;

The only meal is the feast of fondness as ration;

The only air in there is the oxygen of devotion;

That is the regulations you must have clear notion.


If you ask me what crime you have committed,       

And who empowered me to collar you as in fitted?

Well, Nature has entrusted me in that smart                

To pinch you, the culprit breaking my crazy heart.


If you do not comply with the law, with me at strife,   

And if my hurt heart has not come back to life,

Then I will, in reincarnation, return one verdict more

To incarcerate you again in my ever amorous core.


Translation by THANH-THANH