If angels are sinless, so as much are babies.
How unjust to hold one liable for ancestral sin?
Angel is substance's nature, sin attribute's rabies
Sinners impregnate the character of growing kin.

When a child, each of my children knew no ruses;
And at present any of my grandchildren is so sincere.
I embraced the innocent like I had kissed the muses:
That's the way I and the like mean young kids to rear.

However, since I entered this radical society new,
I've missed so-called immune angels: what a woe!
I have run into lots of an infant, to be cherished due,
But instilled with sickly biases, a latent fiendish foe!

Psycho-analysts, psychiatrists, attorneys, prosecutors,
Armed with trick experiences, are ready to interfere
To punish molesters, harassers, offenders, abusers,
Of even a three-year-old, even being the parents dear.

How many times I have encountered an inviting smile,
Those babies, but dared not look at, much less stroke.
To prevent potential alleged victims from alleged guile,
Much pain is inflicted on the heart of the decent folk!