This evening I searched my way to God’s range

Where they were celebrating Easter, his morale.

There I found the one familiar but now strange:

That was you who had strayed into the chorale.


We did not recognize one another at this hour:

Everything God had reserved the right to oversee.

Your ventricles were saturated in God’s power,

Not a tiny cavity in your heart was saved for me.


I waited for you at the gate in front of the church

With a glimmer of my hope I kindled a candle;

But you had already dissolved in the lambs herd;

I returned into the night my loneliness to handle.


God has taught his disciples: thou open thy heart

To love thy fellow humans all to live in chime.

Well, my heart is able only to love her, how tart!

Oh Lord, but does she love me right at this time?


Jesus was resurrected  and you were too  tonight.

I wondered if tomorrow to revert you would deem

To recognize in life with vicissitudes though trite

One  another, ourselves,  after the paradise dream.



Vietnamese poem by NGUYỄN NGUYÊN THANH

English translation by THANH-THANH