Yes, this far-away strange domain,

Of my own volition, I silently did attain.

Seeing clouds and winds on cloud nine

Courting one another in the shine,

I looked at the sky and earth around

Without any aim, without any ground.


But I observed myself and was surprised

That in my inmost feelings I realized

A source of sorrow so profound.


Days after days, hours after hours

Over this Valley of Yellow Flowers

Each morning, midday, afternoon, eve

Passes in a hurry causing me to grieve.


In this land of promises it is to bear

There are lots of bridges to well wear;

All of them are so wide to give fright

To my hair to turn more snow-white.

What reason?  That one is to contrast

Freeways running smoothly and fast

With my still poor condition of living:

A sluggish canal muddy waters giving.  



         Translation by THANH-THANH