You asked me, “Whom are you looking for

While plenty are ready within your door?”

− Oh, even the most insatiable dictator

For whom the whole world is forced to cater

Having the power to people’s lives sacrifice

Can hardly find a shadow of paradise!


You asked me, “What are you searching for

Since everything is available to you in store?”

− Oh, my hands with five fingers each

Only hold a small quantity they can reach

But when unfolded have nothing to remain!

How to grasp mysteries in Heaven’s domain?


− Now, my sweetheart, could you realize?

I do not quest for my objectives with my eyes!

As a color without a hue, tone without value,

A mute noise, silent voice, invisible statue,

I have been after you all over since the prime,

I have been seeking my true Self, all lifetime!


                 translation by THANH-THANH