You asked me, Whom are you looking for

While plenty are ready within your door?

− Oh, even the most insatiable dictator

For whom the whole world is forced to cater

Having the power to peoples lives sacrifice

Can hardly find a shadow of paradise!


You asked me, What are you searching for

Since everything is available to you in store?

− Oh, my hands with five fingers each

Only hold a small quantity they can reach

But when unfolded have nothing to remain!

How to grasp mysteries in Heavens domain?


− Now, my sweetheart, could you realize?

I do not quest for my nature with my eyes!

As a color without a hue, tone without value,

A mute noise, silent voice, invisible statue,

I have been after you all over since the prime,

I have been seeking my true Self, all lifetime!



                                                                 (English version of "Tm")


   T M                           


Em hỏi: Anh tm ai                            

Khi bn mnh c đủ?                

− i, những v vương-chủ                 

Thống-ngự cả cung đi                  

Sinh st cả trần ai                        

Nhưng tm đu thấy bng thin-thai?


Em hỏi: Anh tm chi                  

Khi bn mnh c sẵn?                                      

− Hai tay mười ngn chẵn

Nắm được c t-ti,                        

Xe ra: khng cn g!                    

Lm sao nắm được lẽ huyền-vi?          


− Em hiểu chưa, em ơi!                   

Anh khng tm bằng mắt!                       

Như một mu khng sắc,                 

Như một tiếng khng lời,                       

Anh tm em khắp nơi,                 

Anh tự tm anh suốt một đời...