“I suddenly remember and miss

     I suddenly reminisce about his kiss

    My lips bewitched with the old cicadas’ carol...”

                        (from the song “The First Kiss”)


In the purple flowers’ shade

You kissed me the first kiss.

The moon lit its light of jade;

The cicadas sang their song of bliss.


Then, time passed fast and blind;

You went to your studies above

Leaving the purple flowers behind

With such a dreamlike love.


In each letter sent to the old place

You said you still missed this start

With the purple flowers of grace

And this young and true heart.


I have come back each day alone

To see the old flowers obsess

And hear the cicadas groan;

I feel such a vague distress.


I have nurtured my pastoral love

Now that summer is back to see

With the purple flowers above

I become an amorous banian tree.


  Translation by THANH-THANH