The high sky is vast

The evening wind blows fast

There appears a young bird flight

From far sites out of sight

Drifting their wings over the seas

Alighting on a row of trees

Seeking for a snug nest

The birds begin to sing their best

Conveying this breath of life:


“There was a young wife

Through so many years

By the cooking fire shedding tears

In the tunnel longing for a light

With her husband to reunite

And then again one more year

For the pitiable woman to persevere

To eat her heart out in straits so dire

Beside the cooking fire

With the warm bowl of rice

Still awaiting her spouse so nice

To return to his wife to stay

Although just the other day

Everybody had already known

The husband her dear own

Had been executed by the evil band

Back in their native land!”


The sky is high and vast

Earth ever extends, seas ever last

A joss-stick heartily lit soon

A pale autumn moon

In place of a white ribbon to mourn

The poor woman young forlorn

She has reunited with her lover

In the fire glow to recover

In the spirit of their native land

The national martyr so grand

In history to live for ever... 



Vietnamese poem by ĐĚNH DUY PHƯƠNG

English translation by THANH-THANH